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you're doin' great!

by Bong Mountain

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Pariah Carey 03:14
I'll either leave this town as a pariah, Or stay and lose the respect of all my closest friends. I know I've made excuses for a while. I'm not denying that. I'm just adjusting to my body getting tired and slow. These old cycles feel like rope over rafters. I'm climbing the chair but I'm untying it though. Two shaky feet on the ground. One foot in front of the other, right? I haven't danced in a while I'm not sure if I remember how to do it. Just put your foot to the ground on the downbeat. And do it over and over again Until the rope falls slack from the ceiling. This tangled pile on the floor, from this angle Looks small and soft and helpless So I'll wrap it up, lock it up in a box in a drawer with the others. Keep it secret, keep it safe. But hold your applause. I've buried that thing a thousand times that I forgot about But with time & some gauze & a tourniquet It always finds its way back to the ceiling so tonight I'm fucking burning it.
26 Caroline 03:12
I'll still be here holding down the fort when the odd/even parking starts. When the plows and the salt trucks go on call. When the sun gets evicted every day around six like it can't pay the rent like me Or it just can't stay in this city 'cause it saw us in August, the way we spent all of our time and our money and it just got embarrassing. Or maybe it just moved someplace warmer and a little less bitter like California. I hear it's nice there. So, can I crash on your couch when I come out to find that absent, fiery turncoat bastard? It owes me a lot for the damages of five months every year starved of serotonin, Left alone to freeze. If the sun pays up I'm buying plane tickets home from San Diego, Minnesota and Taijong. I'll meet you at the airport with my brother when you land, and I swear to god I'm buying Rick a minivan then we'll break into Caroline with a case of dollar twenty-twos and a stereo with a mixtape of the songs that we'll all know till we die. When's the last time we did that? I know we're getting older, getting married, living continents apart, But this graffiti ridden basement doesn't care how old we are. We all know goddamn well It was a pretty bad band name but to hell if it's not still true. My Kindred Spirits forever All of you.
Dear Davina, Why are you so nice to me? You know I would’ve understood if you just hung out with your friends and you never said Hi to me. I really would've been fine. Dear Davina, you know you're taller than I am but you still took me in a circle by the hand for the girls ask the boys skate and we talked about snakes and said you thought I was cool. Hey Davina, I'm having a pretty rough seventh grade. Everyone’s so much meaner than when we all used to play on the Green Machine. Someone called me a loser but I didn't even know that we were playing a game and almost everyone in class forgot my birthday except for you Davina. Thanks. Dear davina, you make my heart go Ba-da-ba-ba-bada-ba Because you talk to me like my best friends Ryan and Sam do. You're taller than I am and you think that's funny and so do I. I'm glad I met a friend like you when I did. It means a lot Davina. Dear Davina, Have a really great summer.... Wait, scratch that out... I really hope you meet someone who's as nice as you. I hope they make you smile when you don't even wanna. I'm a little bit shy and a little bit scared that I'm already broken. Davina, you reminded me I'm okay. So thanks. Sincerely.
Monday Song 02:26
Paint me with my blemishes I want to know if they're as bad as I assume. For the shading: take some water, muddle pills in from the bottle in my bedroom. Just get the likeness right because I'm gonna try and sell it when you're done then take some time get my head right and commission you for another one that'll show that I've been drinking less and I'm working on getting my lungs pink again. That I'm saving up to leave and I've been eating and breathing better. 'Cause every self portrait I've made is either far too grey or it looks like someone else. If I don't find a new kind of paint I don't think I'll recognize myself. Every self portrait I've made is either far too grey or it looks like someone else if I don't make some kind of change I don't think I'll ever forgive myself. I guess the glory days didn't age so well, and this gallery has never payed so I'm selling everything and starting with a canvas whitewash clean.
Hold your breath until you can't hold your breath anymore then tell me we're not animals like the blood in our veins makes you special. Like the channels from our eyes to our brains don't all shut down when we can't breathe Like what fills your lungs is better Like the dust you'll become is any different than what's in everything. I saw us all in the vulture nourished with carrion. The small dead parts of an old life become the wings that'll carry 'em. You should've seen us running in packs last Saturday To a soundtrack of cicada songs and the rattle of modern machinery. Pride-less lions biting necks in the name of Aslan for a spot in eternity But that's just called missing out on eternity. You've just gotta wake up and hang out with your really big fucking family. Oh, our breath. All our breath.


Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Rick Johnson at Cold War Studios. Seriously, he's the best.


released January 23, 2015

All songs by Bong Mountain.
Additional vocals by Carmen, Jason, Jack, and Kevin.
Horn by Rick.
Thanks, bye!


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Bong Mountain Grand Rapids, Michigan

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